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Claim Adjusters Group

Claim Adjusters Group, Inc. ("CAG") is a leading public adjusting firm dedicated to protecting the interest of the insured. We help our clients navigate through the tedious, burdensome, and time consuming insurance claims process. We guide our clients in the right direction when their claims are underpaid, delayed, or denied.


Markets We Serve

CAG provides industrial facility owners and managers with peace of mind when dealing with complex insurance claims. Our experts are ready to assist you in your time of need so you can get back to taking care of your business.


CAG guides commercial property owners through the insurance claims process. From storage facilities to strip malls to business complexes to warehouses to auto dealerships to hotels to bowling alleys to gas stations, we handle it all.

Agricultural / Rural / Farm

CAG staff is experienced in handling large agricultural claims. We handle claims for feed yards, farms, cattle ranches, and other rural facilities. If you are rural, you want CAG.


CAG assists government agencies at the federal, state, county, and city level. Our team will work with government officials to make the recovery effort as smooth as possible.


HOA and Multifamily

CAG works with HOA associations and multifamily facilities to navigate through the treacherous insurance claims process. Our experts assist HOA boards and their members with the difficult task of coming together after a peril occurs to agree upon a strategy moving forward. Cohesiveness is key in handling these claims. Call us to schedule a time for us to speak at your next HOA meeting.



CAG assists homeowners with complex residential claims. Our residential focus is on fire claims, fire claims that result in total losses, smoke damage, lightning strike claims, and water damage claims.


NFIP and Flood Claims

CAG adjusters have testified in federal court as experts in property damage causation and property damage cost estimation. We are your go to firm for flood damage.


Maritime/ Aviation/ Luxury Vehicles/ Heavy Equipment

CAG's inland marine branch works with vessel owners, airplane owners, heavy equipment owners, and auto enthusiasts when damage occurs to their vehicles. When you need an expert in this specialized field, the experts at CAG are ready to take your claim to the next level.


We Specialize In
Hail Damage Claims
Hurricane/ Windstorm Claims
Wildfire Damage Claims
Fire and Smoke Damage Claims
Water Damage Claims
Total Loss Fires
Many of you are in the same position our previous clients were in prior to engaging our services. With the help of CAG, our clients have collected hundreds of millions of dollars not originally offered by the insurance company.
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Why Claim Adjusters Group

CAG is a high powered public adjusting firm dedicated to helping the policyholder, not the insurance company. The insurance company has adjusters, attorneys, and engineers protecting their interests. CAG levels the playing field by providing unbiased expertise you need.

CAG adjusters have established themselves in the industry as fearless advocates for the insured that will not back down to the insurance company. Our firm and adjusters are bonded and carry errors and omissions insurance for your protection. We are licensed through various regulatory bodies and state agencies as public adjusters and insurance consultants. We currently work nationwide and abroad to bring our wealth of knowledge to assist with the most complex claims in the industry.